Mighty Lions


We understand how important your child is to you. As professional martial arts instructors, we take it very seriously when teaching your children.  Our Mighty Lions program is specifically designed for children ages 4 – 6 years old.

This is a basic karate class with emphasis on motor skill development, learning by watching, and listening skill enhancement. Kicking, punching, blocking, and basic self defense skills are taught and practiced in each class. These young children are also taught the formal etiquette of martial arts training such as bowing, standing at attention, looking straight ahead, forming a straight line with the other children, and responding to instruction from the teacher. Creative karate focused games and drills are taught and practiced to enhance the individual development of each child. This program prepares these young children for their next stage of martial arts development.

The most important part about our teaching is instilling Self-Confidence in all of our students. It is something nearly all children want and need more of. It can benefit them in everything they do – for the rest of their lives!  Also, positive values, such as self-control, self-discipline, and respect for others, is a very important part of traditional martial arts instruction and is paramount in all of our programs. It is no wonder that this martial art, Tang Soo Do, was chosen by West Point Military Academy as required curriculum for its cadets.

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